20 Random Facts About Me.Hey! Hey! How are you doing? I have been looking forward to this weekend same way as I had been looking forward to putting up this post. I love how great the photos turned out too. So here are some random facts about me. I hope you can share yours too after this post.

20 Random Facts About Me.

1.I am very shy

2.I used to dance a lot to lingala and Latin as I was growing up. (I can move this body.)

3.I am as stubborn as a rock.

4.I back up stuff by emailing them to myself.

5.My room is a mess 300/365 days a year.

20 Random Facts About Me.


6.I never know what to wear 9.9/10 of the time

7.I am a social media enthusiast.

8.My ideal night is a chilled evening on the couch/ bed with lots of food and snacks + Netflix.

9.I do what I love to do and I do it obsessively.

10.I rarely spread my bed lol.

20 Random Facts About Me.

11.I love chicken, beef and fish in that order.  In another life,  I’d want to be a vegan but @thedivaoflift is about

to change up my lifestyle 🙁

12.I am a good listener but if I get excited about the topic then expect frequent interruption.

13.I am a fashion blogger & designer by choice, finance graduate by merit.

14.I’m a 90’s kid best there is out here.

15.I once missed a step and fell on an escalator and I have been scared of them since.

20 Random Facts About Me.16.I don’t like people who typ lyk dis.

17.I am rubbish at anything sporty though I used to participate in races as a youngin ( *in my primary school*)

18.I am the oldest sibling of three children.  Yes, I was the experiment.

19.My favorite lippie is Aaliyah from crayons and ink.

20.I started cooking once again. ( story for another time)

20 Random Facts About Me.21.The next destination on my must-visit list is Zanzibar.  ( I’ve only been to Kenya)

22.I need a Jeep in my life.

23.I listen to J.cole a lot and I have an embarrassing obsession of Justin beiber

24.I talk to myself one too many times

25.I love cake and ice cream together

25-random-facts-about-meI’d like to know a random fact about you too. Do leave a comment below.

Enjoy the weekend.

Word of the day  “ Grow through what you go through.


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