How To Thrift Like A ProHey guys, how are you doing? So here is yet another blog post and today I’m all about thrifting. I’ll be sharing a few tips on how to thrift like a pro. Who doesn’t love thrifting anyway?  Comment below with a reason why and maybe we will help you love it instead. Who needs to break a bank while you can acquire some trendy and unique items at such a bargain? Note, the look in the images used is 100% thrifted. I got the mom Jeans from Thrift_cycle on Instagram for $5 and the off shoulder body suit from a thrift shop around home for $1 only.

Thrifting is a skill you learn as you keep on doing it over and over and over. Here are a few tips on how to thrift like a pro that may come in handy next time you’re out shopping. Enjoy!How To Thrift Like A Pro


  • Wear Something Comfortable.

Thrifting requires time and can be highly competitive. Tottering around in 4/6 inch heels should be the last thing in your mind. My go to thrifting uniform would have to be a pair of leggings and a fitting tank top. Fittings jeans would be appropriate too. However the former is better as it makes it easier to try on clothes over your clothes especially if the thrift stand has no fitting space. Flats are a must have and if you can get Bata Ngomas , converses or any comfortable sneakers you would do yourself a great favour. One last thing, don’t spend so much time dressing up. The simpler you look the more bargaining power you posses.How To Thrift Like A Pro

  • Go With An Open Mind.

A fixated mind will go home disappointed. 90% of the time you will end up very disappointed if you go thrifting with one specific thing in mind. There is nothing wrong with having something in particular in mind. However, try not to get too hopped up in finding that exact piece. Be adventurous, step out of your comfort zone and try something new.  You will either end up disappointed or miss out on other amazing / unique items if you don’t.

  • Work On A Budget.

One of the very important factors to consider before going thrift shopping. Budgeting will help you from returning home with bags full of unwanted junk. Thrifting is fun and very price friendly that it will have you buying unnecessary stuff that you may end up not wearing. A limit of $20 to $30 ( Kshs. 2000 to Kshs.3000.) would suffice. Decide on how much you’re willing to spend on the spree.How To Thrift Like A Pro

  • Look Everywhere.

Thrifting to me is an adventure, some sort of a treasure hunt where you go find little treasures for your closet in form of clothing. Give yourself time to look at every section you could possibly come across. Check out the men’s section and the kids section you’d find some pretty cool oversized t-shirts, jackets and belts. If you’re petite, you’d find some cute items in the kids section. Don’t limit yourself, go all out and exploit.How To Thrift Like A Pro

  • Check  Your Closet First.

Before thrifting, carefully study your closet and put aside what you do not wear. Remember, your closet is not a dumping site for unused clothes. A functionable wardrobe should most probably be on top of everything in your wish list. It is very important to have a functionable  wardrobe. Note the items you do not wear from your closet then maybe purchase items you can pair them with and finally wear them. Alternatively, you can donate them and give them to charity.

  • Research on Trends.

Imagine getting all the trending pieces at such a bargain. Thrifting is a good way to look for trends without having to invest in a ton of money. Before thrifting, google some of the latest trends to see what celebrities are wearing and other trend setters. Read articles online from your favorite fashion bloggers, online magazines and check out what most chain stores are selling. This will help you informed on what’s trending and what to look for as you shop.How To Thrift Like A Pro

  • Check the Conditions Of the Clothes.

Thrifting is basically purchasing second hand clothes. Get items that are in good condition or those that can easily be repaired. Buttons and beads may not be a problem as that can easily be repaired. However, perspiration stains or any discoloration might not come off so leaving the item would be wise. Unless you plan on dying the outfit which could turn out very creative.

  • Only Buy your Favorite Finds.

Focus on buying your favorite items that you are sure you would wear no matter what. Be honest with yourself even before trying on something but then, you might just surprise yourself. Thrifting is cheap but there is no point in buying unnecessary clothes.How To Thrift Like A Pro

  • Be Smart &Keep Your Cool.

I can promise you that nobody will ever tell you this. If you see someone holding something you might be interested in be SMART on how you go about that. Do not make comments on the item and do not show any interest. Give them time to get confused enough to drop the item. If you show interest, they will start seeing the value in it and immediately purchase it. On the positive you would have helped them make a good buying decision sadly, you go home without it. Liking something liked by someone else might play a big role in influencing an individual’s buying decision.

  • Time.

Choose the best time that you would actually find good stock and have adequate time for yourself to look around and make informed choices. Good finds need time.• Time. Choose the best time that you would actually find good stock and have adequate time for yourself to look around and make informed choices. Good finds need time.

  • Have patience

As I said earlier, consider thrifting as an adventure. Take your time and dig deep into those piles because many treasures are hidden beneath.  You have to go through a lot of stuff that you do not want to uncover them.

  • Give Back.

Some thrift stores support the less fortunate and people with disabilities. Review your closet every quite often and take out items you do not wear anymore or unused item and give them back to the society.• Time. Choose the best time that you would actually find good stock and have adequate time for yourself to look around and make informed choices. Good finds need time.

I hope you found the tips helpful.What other tips would you like to share? Do share your thrifting secrets below and tell me the ones you loved from the above article.

Word of the day:  “Be Different Babe.”


MOM JEANS: thrift_cycle/
OFF SHOULDER TOP: 0716604003

SHOES: @Labelle_fashions
PHOTOGRAPHY: Wayne Swonchiri