MINI SUMMER STAPLEHave you guys seen @dress_to_slays dress selection lately? There’s something about all their dresses that has me swooning for days and when I saw this beautiful piece I knew it would be an instant summer/spring staple.MINI SUMMER STAPLE

The print on this dress was so unique that accessorizing it was a bit difficult. The neutral colors however made it easier for me as I accessorized using the same colors on the dress.  The over-sized print patterns had a huge impact on the outlook of the dress as I am petite.

I paired the dress with a white Lacey kimono that I received from @forever_trendy last year. Owing to the fact that it was a hot day,  I went for something light.  The outerwear doesn’t really matter as the dress is versatile. You can easily transition from a day look to a night look or from work to play.



MINI SUMMER STAPLEYou can pair the dress with a blazer which will automatically make the dress office ready.  A moto leather jacket or a denim jacket will give the dress a chic edgy look for a night out transition.


MINI SUMMER STAPLELastly, I completed the look with sandal heels and a floppy hat.  Floppy hats are super practical and stylish. They can totally elevate a basic look up several notches and damn are they not helpful when it’s blazingly hot?



I hope you loved the post. What are some of your summer essentials?  A little floral/print dress is essential for me.  Comment on the box below to share yours. Feel free to give suggestions on anything you’d want me to blog about. I’ll be introducing two more categories on the blog next month. Keep it posted here or better yet subscribe to the newsletter to be up to date.Till next time, xoxo.

Word of the day:  “Hope shines brightest in the darkest moments.


What I Wore:

Summer mini dress: @dress_to_slay