The polka dot trendSuper excited that the weekend is finally here! Wasn’t Madaraka Day just the other day though? The way this year is going by so fast is a clear indication that time waits for no man. Actually, it’s all fun and games until Monday rolls around and you have to put a bra back on damn! Work on your goals everyone because at this rate you will blink and its June 9th 2018 lol.

The polka dot trend

The polka dot trend is one chic and playful trend that is very lady like and attention seeking. The sweet playful trend is associated with Disney cartoon characters like Minnie Mouse and Little dot among others. High chances are that you probably dressed in cute polka dots as a child to church, birthday parties and outings. Perhaps your mum bought it for you as a Sunday best.  I had one red and white polka midi dress that my fashion forward mum got me and I would wear it to church always.  The polka dot trendThe polka dot trend

The polka dot trend

The polka dot trend is definitely here to stay with designers like Givenchy, Christian Dior in his new look collection and Louis Vuitton giving it a modern ‘grown up ‘sophisticated twist. The trend can be worn in both casual and smart looks. On today’s post, I show you how to pull off the trend casually like a grown up without looking like a big baby. The on trend cold shoulder and the elegant length of the dress helped me achieve that. The polka dot trend The polka dot trend

Here, I paired the off-the-shoulder polka dot dress with turquoise heels, a black bag and an intense Smokey eye to elevate the look as I had no other accessories on. I settled for the cream and brown polka dots as they are neutral colors that you can easily mix and match into your wardrobe. You can pair the dress with sandals for a more chilled look. The look screams “THE WEEKEND” and can be worn to weddings, lunch date or to church though paired with a jacket to cover your shoulders for modesty. The polka dot trend The polka dot trend The Polka Dot Trend

The Polka Dot Trend

Polka dots are timeless and unique and can easily make statements without exaggerating. You can purchase the dress HERE. Remember to be very minimal with the trend. Avoid pairing it with accessories that have heavy print and patterns as the two will be competing for attention. I hope you loved the post. Did you have any polka dot outfits as a child? As an adult, how have you been able to incorporate the playful trend into a more mature look? Comment below to share your experiences. Don’t forget to share, like and subscribe.

Word of the day:  “The idea is not to find light at the end of the tunnel but to learn how to walk through the darkness.


What I Wore:

Cold shoulder Polka dot dress : @snc_official

SHOES: @F_reborn