royal moetWadup! Wadup! Im baaaack. (This is literally how I’m shouting in my head right now). How have you been? What’s new? Honestly, it sucked being away and sucked even more that I lost all my content. Crazy  yeah? I had to start all over. But hey, sometimes we lose things that we’ve worked hard for; the power is in how we respond to what’s happening.Royal Moet Nectar

Moet Royal Moet NectarLately I have been such a potato just bumming around the house and not putting much thought into what to wear . I mean, who needs the stress to think about outfits when t-shirts are so comfortable. This caught up with me when I and a selected number of fashion bloggers were invited to the Royal Moet Nectar treatment. It was hosted by Moet & Chandon and the ever gorgeous Kenyan blogger Lucia Musau. royal moet

I had to think of what to wear in less than 24 hours and not that I had all the hours free to myself. Y’all don’t even understand the struggle I went through lol! I just learnt how to always be ready for anything. That’s a story for another day though. The most important thing is that I dressed up and showed up.Jocelyn Heidy Royal Moet Nectarbloggers Royal Moet Nectarbloggers Royal Moet Nectar

The night was amazing, eventful and definitely heavy. Being in the company of people you share visions with was definitely a plus. I had a spectacular time interacting with the other lifestyle bloggers. Their great vibrant and visionary personalities got me.Jocelyn Heidy Royal Moet Nectar

I entirely thank Kenyan fashion and Lifestyle blogger, LuciaMusau & Moet and Chandon for this amazing opportunity. Thank you for reminding us to seize the moment and celebrate the NOW. It had me thinking how important it is to celebrate our big and small achievements all together as they help in building the people we eventually become.Jocelyn Heidy Royal Moet Nectarbloggers Royal Moet Nectar

The most important thing I have learnt is not waiting until you have reached your goal to be proud of yourself. I have learnt to appreciate and to be proud of every step I take towards reaching that goal. As the  Moet Hennessy Eastern Africa Market Manager Alexander Helaine said, “We are celebrating living in the NOW. Achievements and milestones as they happen. We are recognizing that a year races by past in the blink of an eye and taking the time to stop, acknowledge and celebrate is the essence of true luxury in our always-on, digitally driven modern world.”Jocelyn Heidy Royal Moet Nectar

bloggers Royal Moet NectarOh and how the Moet Nectar Imperial tastes, so light and delicate. The Champagne is exquisite! See you on my next post guys. Cheers to the good life!

Word of the day:  “If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.


What I Wore:

Palazzo pants: Angelos

Nude body suit:   thrifted