shine-even-in-your-darkest-momentsHey! Hey! How are you doing? I am well on my end. Today’s post will be very brief. I missed writing a post last week and I almost did yet again this week. Reason being you might ask? Honestly it has just been lack of motivation and a lot going on here and there. shine-even-in-your-darkest-moments

This year has not been as easy as I’d have thought it would be. Things just seem to be taking a different direction from of course what I’d hoped for. How do you handle such situations? How do you get your strength and inspiration back? Comment below to help me and a few others who might be in need of similar advice. I have learnt that even during the darkest moments God still has a plan for all of us to shine bright. We just need to keep on believing and having faith in the works that God is capable of doing in our lives. shine-even-in-your-darkest-moments shine-even-in-your-darkest-moments

So if you are in my shoes, don’t lose hope and despair. Smile even when nothing seems to be going right. Smile in your darkest hour and somehow light will shine its way through. In my last post the word of the day was “The idea is not to find light at the end of the tunnel but to learn how to walk through the darkness. And I am practicing this every day. shine-even-in-your-darkest-moments

On a lighter note, loose flare pants have made a comeback with the style being completely reinvented. On today’s post I am rocking high waist loose pants paired with a black corset to bring out a simple but sophisticated look. shine-even-in-your-darkest-moments shine-even-in-your-darkest-moments

Any casual setting would be perfect enough to pull off the look. This includes night outs and lunch with friends e.t.c. If you are a bit reserved, a white shirt would be a good substitute with sandal heels or slip on sandals for a chilled look. shine-even-in-your-darkest-moments shine-even-in-your-darkest-moments shine-even-in-your-darkest-moments

As always, I hope you loved the post. Let me know how you handle stress and what steps you take to living a better life especially when things are not going right. Comment below to share your experiences. Don’t forget to share, like and subscribe.

Enjoy the rest of the week and happy hump day to all my readers.

Word of the day:  “Hope shines brightest in the darkest moments.


What I Wore:

Denim pants: thrifted

Corset: thrifted