Work Wardrobe EssentialsHappy New Month everyone! This post is a few hours late but hey! They say “better late than never” for a reason I guess, so here we are. How was your weekend and how is the new month coming along? Mine kicked off quite well and on a positive note with a couple of projects planned and a lot of busy days ahead. We also got to 10,000 followers on the Instagram page and I can’t thank you enough for your love and support this far. Thanks a lot guys. Lots of love and kisses from me to you.

Tonight I will share work wardrobe essentials and we are all in agreement how difficult it can be transitioning from wearing extremely casual outfits like jeans and denim to work wear. From living in funky clothes to wearing suits and ties. Office wear can be very interesting once you know how to work around it. I have had colleagues who would slay from Monday to Monday without having to wear certain pieces repeatedly. However, it is important to invest in basic pieces that would save you the headache of having to stress every evening on what to wear the next day. Work Wardrobe Essentials

If you are a fresh graduate, preparing for graduation, internship or just recently got into a new job investing in basic clothing would help a lot in having a functionable work wardrobe. It becomes an added advantage if you come from schools like Strathmore University where the work ethic and dress codes are taught from the moment you set foot. This makes the transition less stressful, it can however be a ride in the park if you invest in a few staple pieces. Luckily for me, I have worked in business casual offices where they were not so strict on official wear. The dress code was always smart casual expect for days they would request us to wear certain clothing. This made it fun and less stressful. It all depends with the parameters of each company at the end of it all.Work Wardrobe Essentials

Here are a couple of staple pieces you must have as you start up an office job:

  • Invest in a good handbag.

Starting off with a good, high quality handbag preferably in black is essential instead of very many low budget handbags. It doesn’t matter if it becomes a part of you and you carry it everywhere for as long as it serves its purpose. Remember, quality over quantity. Sometimes thrifting can get you good finds too. You can read about my previous post on thrifting HereWork Wardrobe Essentials

  • Invest in a good pair of heels/flats.

Depending on the nature of your work, invest in a good pair of heels that compliment most of your work wardrobe mostly in solid colors like black. This would work well if you are constantly on your desk all day. If you are always on the move, a pair of flats or loafers would go a long while. Work Wardrobe Essentials

  • Invest in pants.

Black pants are versatile and can almost go with everything. Get yourself black slim pants, palazzo pants and straight pants for a more conservative look.

Work Wardrobe Essentials

  • Invest in bodysuits, bodycon tops and basic short sleeved tops.

You can get them in black, white and grey or all the colors if possible. They will come in handy when you are feeling off-color. You can wear them from Monday to Monday just pairing them differently.

  • Invest in a black suit Jacket.

You can get this in both long sleeved or vest design. They easily go with pants and dresses or jeans on casual days at work. They give outfits a classy sophisticated look.

  • Get neutral colored dresses.

Get yourself all the patterned/print dresses you can but don’t forget to acquire a few solid colored ones mostly in black, grey, nude and white.

  • Invest in Trench coats.

Stylish trench coats come in handy during cold seasons and really chilly mornings.

  • Invest in a good watch.

For women who like minimal jewelry, a good statement watch is a good accessory for an everyday look.  Work Wardrobe Essentials

I hope these few tips help a lot in organizing your work wardrobe. Feel free to add a few more staple pieces I might have left out and as always thank you for stopping by! See you on my next post!

Word of the day:  “Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.


What I Wore:

Palazzo pants: @snc_official

Nude body suit:   thrifted

SHOES: random shop in Eastleigh